We invest in innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Boris Nikolic and Julie Sunderland, Biomatics invests in cutting-edge science that will drive the evolution of healthcare.

We are at a tipping point. The convergence of genomics and digital data is enabling the development of superior therapeutics, diagnostics, and delivery models. In the next decade, this breakthrough science will transform medicine into a value-based healthcare system, leading to lower costs and better patient outcomes. Biomatics helps create the next generation of companies that will lead this transformation.

We do not invest in the conventional. We seek out inventive solutions, partner with leading entrepreneurs, and translate creative innovation into world-class health care companies.


From Early-Stage Science to IPO

Editas Medicine is harnessing CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to create genomic medicines for devastating and hard-to-treat diseases, including Usher syndrome and Duschenne muscular dystrophy.

Biomatics Capital’s Dr. Boris Nikolic identified CRISPR as a very powerful game changing technology, after learning of the company through his academic and venture network.

In 2015, the partners of Biomatics played a key role in driving Editas to the next level of growth by leading a $120 million Series B round, marking the largest financial investment to a CRISPR startup. Nikolic joined the board and took an active role in guiding the company to a $94.4 million IPO, which was oversubscribed even in a difficult market.


Led $120 million Series B in August 2015


Negotiatied term sheet valuation


Joined board of directors


$94.4 million oversubscribed IPO in February 2016

Julie Sunderland is transformational for portfolio companies with which she works. Her counsel to me has been invaluable: she is always there to help when called upon, will roll up her sleeves and be a part of the team when needed, and appropriately challenges me think about the long term and massive impact we can have on healthcare. I could not do this without Julie.

Miki Kapoor

Verana Health

Biomatics’ savvy, nimble team has both exceptional vision and execution from gene editing to DNA synthesis. Their passion for groundbreaking technologies combined with their business acumen allows entrepreneurs to experience a very different kind of support as they brave new territory. Most importantly, Biomatics becomes is a true partner, advising and creating a vital network of experts to truly create exceptional value.

Emily Leproust


Working with our Biomatics colleagues is an ongoing pleasure. They provide keen scientific and business insights and are always in my corner. They are willing to help in any way to ensure the company’s greatest chances for success. They are truly “value add”.

Paul Sekhri


The Biomatics team has been truly superb in helping us to launch Alairion. They have advised us in business model refinement, detailed R&D plans, development of investor presentations, and introductions to the highest quality investors. Our experience with them as individuals has also been simply outstanding, and their team really cares about creating long-term successful companies with winning strategies.

John Dee